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Value Generation and Growth
The primary objectives are steady, long-term value generation and growth. Thinking ahead and acting accordingly, enhancing the value of the Group and earning a reasonable profit are fundamental tasks at Global Excellence Group. These are the landmarks used for corporate strategy, human resources management and financial management.

Strategic thinking, successful action.
How does the Group attain these goals? With the right team and with carefully engineered systems. They support the individual subsidiaries in turning objectives into reality. Moreover, these systems include the instruments needed to continuously monitor contributions to value and growth. The function of GEG is to design these systems for use throughout the Group.

At Global Excellence Group, strategy, means finding the best ways to achieve value orientation and growth. This includes anticipating changes in the market and the competitive environment, identifying trends and potential areas for growth. Diversification is the basis for this strategy.The Corporate Divisions operate in independent markets. This strategy buffers the influence of business cycles and keeps risks within justifiable limits. In structuring its strategic planning processes GEG employs systems that reach into every corner of the organisation. However, at times, when complex projects are required to be undertaken, especially by the flagship company of GEG, Lion Services Limited, these corporate divisions create a synergy to provide the best, turnkey solutions to the Customer.

Our customers are the focus of our business. We align all business objectives with the expectations of customers and deliver high-quality and high-value solutions. We build long term customer relationships through superior performance. We are responsive, straight-forward and committed in all dealings with customers.

Our goal is to be the recognized leader in our marketplace; recognized for innovation, quality, responsiveness and value. We continuously strive to be the standard by which performance is measured.We are committed to improving everything we do. The relentless pursuit of excellence drives our daily activities. We operate in an environment that encourages innovation and creativity and is naturally skeptical of maintaining the status quo.

We apply original thought, creativity, and sound business judgment to overcome obstacles, meet aggressive goals and improve products and processes. We are committed to technical and market leadership.

We conduct business with the highest standards of ethics, developing a mutual trust with each other, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the community. Integrity is the foundation of everything we do.