Pursuing Excellence for

a better tomorrow

We are committed to empower an inclusive today and a sustainable tomorrow with dedicated initiatives aimed at creating a social change. All our group companies operate in a conscientious manner, with an understanding of the social and environmental challenges encountered within their area of expertise. Basis this understanding, an approach is developed best suited to create a positive impact on the community we serve. All our CSR initiatives revolve around causes like environment, education and empowerment that we feel have the potential to transform our community as we steer towards a better tomorrow.

In support of Swachh Bharat Mission, we are making strides in the direction of spreading awareness about the menace of waste and inculcating a behavior change towards hygiene and sanitation.

Environmental Responsibility

Women comprise the majority of our workforce PAN-India. We have been conducting workshops for women across sites to spread awareness about the importance of maintaining feminine hygiene and its role in maintaining good health.

Employee Empowerment

To inculcate the good habit of reading, we have established a reading club, called The Learning Garden’ for young children. The aim is to sensitize people about the potential of a good education and the significant impact it can have on lives.

Involvement with communities